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artificial palm trees................ preserved palm trees
Oasis Illusions manufactures outdoor artificial palm trees and indoor Preserved Palm Trees which can be used to promote a vacation atmosphere for both residential and commercial customers. These trees can bring the island atmosphere to your backyard or commercial property.
Palms are known to create a warm, calm, harmonious, and comfortable atmosphere, so they can actually fit into any décor or landscape.
All our outdoor artificial palm trees for sale are engineered for protection against intense sunlight UV rays, rain, ice, snow, frost, humidity, freezing conditions, and high wind gusts. The leaves do not get brittle in freezing conditions outside, as many inferior fake palm trees might.
Each tree trunk has a rust resistant steel metal core. Our faux trees are built to last.
Our interior preserved  palm trees are made from actual palm leaves that are treated to last indoors. These preserved tree fronds are transformed through a proprietary scientific systemic process which saves the leaf so it will never wither away.
At Oasis Illusions we custom build your tropical palm trees to look botanically correct, with absolute realism, texture, and color.
Our artificial outdoor palm trees and preserved trees are made from real palm bark, fiber, or natural tree components. In fact, many people come up and touch the texture of the tree trunk, and can’t believe it is not alive.
We have tested these Artificial Palms in the harshest environments for many years. They have been tested in South Florida, California, Texas, Michigan, and off the ocean beaches in New Jersey. We also have several installations worldwide in the Netherlands, Canada, and Hong Kong.
Some of our clients include Nascar of the Poconos, high end clubs and restaurants, resorts, and several CEOs of different companies, and many homeowners.
Please contact us for wholesale opportunities.